Success is the ability to from one FAILURE to another WITHOUT the loss of enthusiasm. — Winston Churchill

This was a quote from Winston Churchill I had never heard before. If it is true then someday I may actually have success with my writing.

I am working on a new non-fiction that may have the title: Guarantee of Achieving Lasting Success. It is based on a profoundly simple principle. I am in the editing stages of it now. The Kindle version will be first followed by a printed copy available at There will be if needed, a workbook that can be ordered as well.

I did give out 50 copies of Finding the Sea Masters last week and am hopeful of some reviews. I will be running a special on BookBud next month on the first book of the series: A Boy out of Time.

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Week of Free

Today marks the end of the free offer of my 4th book Finding the Sea Masters on amazon. I didn’t give away as many books as I hoped and so far have not gotten any reviews. I hope that will change soon. I am going to do a reduced price on A Boy out of Time on BookBub in a couple of weeks.

It is interesting that the word Free doesn’t generate more give-a-ways. I think our culture is so inundated with offers we become numb to them. It makes it hard for the “little guy” to get known. This is where the term “network marketing” comes in. I am hoping I can get the word out to my network about the books I have written. Even if it isn’t a style you enjoy, please pass the information along to others in your circle. You never know when it will get into the hands of someone who does like it.

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Back at it.

Depression is a monster that steals ambition, motivation, and time. It whispers lies into your mind and deceives you into believing that you are more worthless than the air you breath. It doesn’t work alone either. It enlists the aid of self-doubt and careless words spoken by others to paralyze you into doing nothing.

If anyone out there can relate to the sentences above then you will understand what I have been going through for a while. I hope I am now on the other side of it. I have done a lot of stupid things over the last three years to try and feel better; most of which only made things worse.

Three years ago I was asked to leave a company I had been at for 17 years. The manner in which it was done was more hurtful than I thought I could endure. What hurt even worse was some of the people I had great respect for during those years turned their backs on me. Out of thirty some people I worked with only 2 ( who are now no longer with the company) ever called.

I spent the first year semi-focusing on my writing, hoping it would bring some finances in. It turned out to be a total bust. I could write and with the help of the credit card, publish. I couldn’t market to make any of the money back.

The next year on the advice of a friend I went further into debt to purchase equipment and started a woodworking shop making wooden toys. That year I made up about half my investment. It was also the year my wife came down with breast cancer. That took almost a full year to battle. After 6 months of chemotherapy, double mastectomy and 7 weeks of intense radiation she is doing fine. Have you ever watched a loved one go through agony and you can’t do anything about it?

I finally gave up trying to make a living on my own and took on two jobs in October 2014. I held both until May of 2015 upon which I took a leave from the early morning one to try and focus on woodworking with a new product line for the summer’s farmers markets.

I did okay with the markets, but not enough to break even. Doubts and thoughts of failure resounded in my mind again. Yes, the thoughts of ending it all did whisper to me. I think it was the love for my wife that kept me from doing anything drastic. I also find that I am aging and have normal aging issues that added to the depression

During all this time, I did write, but not to the volume I had done in the past. The result was the publishing of book 3 of my series and last week book 4.

Two weeks ago I went to a seminar on book marketing. It cost me an additional credit card expense. Why is it everything has to cost? Some of the things I learned in the seminar are things I had started doing, but not in the way they suggested. It also opened up some new avenues to go down.  That is what I have been doing since taking the seminar.

I have reworked my book websites, made adjustments on my writer’s site, joined a couple of facebook groups and started tweeting again.

I am treating my writing like a job. I get up around 6:00 am and outside of eating breakfast work until 9:30 am. I don’t allow myself to do anything with anyone else during this time. The focus is on writing and marketing what I write. I am doing this on the advice of a blogger I read. She said until you think of it as a job, you won’t treat it seriously and do it. I enjoy my work at the UPS Store, but my real desire is to write and to make a living writing.

I would love to have feedback on my blogs.

Long Absence

To those who used to read my blog, I send my regrets that I have been silent for so long. I took on two jobs in October last year. I was opening at a coffee shop and then clean up and went to a second job at a UPS Store. A month ago I suspended my coffee job for the summer to get back into my other projects. I did find that I am too old for 11 hour days on my feet. I feel like I spent most of the winter exhausted.

I changed out the products my wood crafting makes to kitchen items and wooden combs. I still have some of the other products, but I haven’t been focusing on them. I have to say I was discouraged last year to load up the van with cases of product, spend 3-4 hours at a craft event and then reload almost the same amount of product back into the van.

I sometimes feel like I have a heart that is a quiver. There are two kinds of arrows that fill it. One kind is white that represents hope, the other is black and represents depression. It has seemed like the Quiver was filled mostly with dark arrows. Anyone who has fought depression can understand. One arrow was “full totes of products” after an event. Another was health issues, with another being financial. There are arrows representing relationships that aren’t going well. The biggest arrow is one I call hopelessness of change. It is the one that makes life feel like a dead end. I came from a background where acceptance was the proverbial carrot on the string in front of the donkey. The desire was there, but always out of reach. When one grows up like that even when acceptance comes it isn’t believed or understood.

That explains why I haven’t written much in the last few months. A wise man once said that if you want something different tomorrow than what you have today, then you have to do something different today than you did yesterday. The thing is I am finding it hard to figure out what to do different today.

That is my goal this summer: to find the “different thing to do”. In the meantime, I will keep writing and keep working on the current wood products. That being said, I am trying to get the fourth book of The Time Twins Series out in the next month. I will continue to do the Farmers Market in Mabel and continue working the UPS Store job. I will also try and get more blogs put up, hopefully not in the same mode this one developed.

Thank you to those who read this and respond.

DB Macks

October Update

I have finished a summer of farmers markets and a couple of craft shows. All in all I think it is a good start, but it hasn’t been good enough. I have gained skills and have learned a lot about presentation. What I haven’t learned is how to get people to stop longer at my booth. I am pleased with the summer and look forward to what the fall and holiday season have to bring.

In order to continue with this I have had to step back a bit and supplement with a part time day job. I am working at a UPS store during the middle of the day, getting in between 30 and 35 hours a week. In some ways this will take some of the pressure off, allowing me to explore more ideas for the shows.

Over the last couple of months I have introduced the P-51 Mustang kit. This is an airplane model kids and adults can sand and glue together. The paints can be purchased at any craft department. The new quilt holders have been introduced in October. Keep an eye out for the new Pegs and Jokers game coming out in a week or so.

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P-51 Mustang Kit



Starting a new phase of Macks Craft. Today I unveiled the first of our toy kits. I will have them at all craft shows as well as sell online. I want to give a special thanks to They sell great plans but own the copy write on them. This means that I can order the plans, make as many toys as I want for sale, but not sell or give the plans away. This created a problem when I decided to do kits and needed to have instructions included. I contacted asking what I could do. They created special instruction pages for Macks Craft and allow me to print as many as I need. also wants to do an article on what I am doing and they have 10,000 readers. I believe this is the break I have been waiting for; only time will tell.

New Product Line

I have been making toys now since January. This last week I had several kids ask if I was ever going to do kits. They wanted all the parts of a toy so they could put it together themselves. The first kit I have chosen to do is the P-51 Mustang from Toy Making Plans. 

The problem I was faced with was the assembly instructions. Toy Making Plans allows a person to purchase their plans and make as many toys as they want. A person may not give away the plans or resell them. If I make a kit then I need instructions on how to put the kit together.

The solution was to approach Toy Making Plans and ask permission to copy the assembly instructions. They responded with a new PDF set of instruction with permission to print as many as I want. They also want to do a story on what I am doing. Their readership is over 10,000 people. This could be the biggest break I have had to date. 


Front Page of Assembly Instructions.
Front Page of Assembly Instructions.