Phase 2 CreateSpace

It is an interesting journey so far. I spent 5 hours reformating my manuscript doc. for What was frustrating was it was the “finished” formatted manuscript I received from a different publisher that I have used. There were all kinds of page break, section page break and header errors. To be fair, I am using Mircosoft Office and it wouldn’t be the first time I have had compatibility errors between the windows and mac versions. But when I opened it up in the windows side on word the errors were still there.

I went through and cleared all formatting and went back through and redid it. Then submitted the “interior” back to CreateSpace. I continued to get the message there was an error, but in the preview mode it said there wasn’t one. I did call their support line and worked with a person who showed me how to solve the problem quickly. Now it is in the review process and I should know in the next 24 hours if it is ready. Stay tuned . . .

I am running a special on A Boy out of Time Kindle version for $2.99 for the next week. After that, it will go back to its regular price. 🙂


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