iBook vs Kindle

Good Morning All,

I have spent the last several days trying to get my books on iBooks. The only one that is on there is A Boy out of Time. And even at that it is barely readable. By that, I mean that the book is on there, but there are few options to read it with. I started putting Captured in Atlantis on but soon discovered that I was in an exclusive ebook contract with Amazon that doesn’t expire until December.

After four days of working with this I am glad for a rest. It has brought to light some things that surprised me. After being in the PC world for almost 30 years, I was surprised at how easy Apple products were to use. The phrase “intuitive” has been used a lot and I have to agree. I wouldn’t willingly go back to the PC world.

Having said that, I expected the same ease with iBook publishing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if I bypass iBook Author, (which I tried and failed miserably,) you still have to use iTunes Producer. That has a learning curve all its own. Once done with that you go into itunesconnect to finish the process. This is where you can get promo codes to pass out (but reviews can’t be given if read through a Promo Code.) After doing all this, I finally downloaded my book only to find that it was clumsy to navigate through and I could not change the font size. I also have not discovered any way to remove a book from iBooks. I can remove it from the store by going through and removing the price from 51 different country screens, but the book still shows up in my folder.

The bottom line is that if I want to publish through iBooks I am going to have to slow down and start going through tutorials. In this case iBooks isn’t as intuitive as the rest of Apple. It is as clumsy as the PC world.

Kindle is the platform I have used for several years now. It was by request of readers that I started looking at making my books available on iBooks. With Kindle, I can take my word document and drop it into the KDP website and walk through the steps of adding the rest of the information and I am done. I can even download a working sample of it to my desktop and open it in kindle and read it.

In my opinion, Kindle is much more intuitive and easier to use than the whole iBook process. I think Apple needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink their process if they want it to be consistent with the rest of their products.

I would give Kindle a 4-star rating (still have problems with picture books) and I would give iBooks a 1-star rating. Maybe that will change as I work my way through the process, but on the learning curve the rating will stand.

If other authors have had better luck with the iBook process I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading



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