The Adventure!!

Good Evening everyone.

I have been on an adventure over the last couple of days. I have been charting my way through iBooks, iBooks Author, iTune Producer and iTune Connect. The map should be straight forward, I mean isn’t that what Apple is all about — being intuitive?

I have published to Kindle now for a couple of years and found it easy. iBooks, on the other hand, is fraught with strange twist and turns. I thought I could create the epub file for iTune Producer in Pages, I mean after all Pages save/converts to .epub format. So happily I worked my way through the process (taking most of the evening,) and published Captured in Atlantis on iBooks. I even got a promo code so I could download a copy for myself in iBooks.

I anxiously waited for the download and opened it. It reminded me of a book that came out in the early ’70 called “Everything I know about Sex.” That’s right, all the pages were blank!

It only took me an hour to figure out how to remove it from the iBook store. I then took the .epub and started with iBook Author and worked my way through that for the next hour. Now I am waiting for it to be live on the iBooks Store so I can download my copy — hopefully filled with text 🙂

It has been a winding and twisting road with potholes and hair-raising drop-offs, but I think I may have finally arrived.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the results. Have a good night



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