Week of Free

Today marks the end of the free offer of my 4th book Finding the Sea Masters on amazon. I didn’t give away as many books as I hoped and so far have not gotten any reviews. I hope that will change soon. I am going to do a reduced price on A Boy out of Time on BookBub in a couple of weeks.

It is interesting that the word Free doesn’t generate more give-a-ways. I think our culture is so inundated with offers we become numb to them. It makes it hard for the “little guy” to get known. This is where the term “network marketing” comes in. I am hoping I can get the word out to my network about the books I have written. Even if it isn’t a style you enjoy, please pass the information along to others in your circle. You never know when it will get into the hands of someone who does like it.

Thanks for following

Please leave a message here or at info@dbmacks.com.

Also for those following if you go to http://dbmacks.com/free you can get more stories around the Time Twins. Have a great weekend.

DB Macks


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